Manufactured Stones Philippines
Philippines Manufactured Stones

Piedra Systems Incorporated started in 1993 as Piedra Product Systems under Rebtrade International Corporation. From being a product line it rapidly became a strong leader in the manufactured stone veneer industry.

Manufactured Stones

With the solid reputation for innovation and high quality products, Piedra Product Systems evolved into an independent organization. In 1998, Piedra Systems Incorporated was established taking its name to high level of products. The company devised and reinforced its goal to meet the increasing demands for cultured stones and other decorative stone finishes.

Piedra Systems Incorporation has invested considerably in research and development providing continuous product development and monitoring to ensure that its product consistently meets high quality standard needed by its clients and its industry.

Piedra Systems, Inc. is guided with TRUST and COMMITMENT in providing reliable products, SAFETY to our people and to the environment. RESPECT the needs and requirement of our customers and excellent PERFORMANCE in both products and services. With that foundation, Piedra Sytems Inc. will continue to provide products of superior quality, excellent innovations and commitment to serve the needs of every client worldwide.

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