Piedra Wall Cladding Stones
Wall Cladding Stones

Piedra Wall Cladding Stones are manufactured stones that replicate common natural stones used for veneer applications.

“Manufactured, artificial or cultured” stone venner products as they are commonly called, are ideally used in interior and exterior applications for a wide variety of residential and commercial projects.

Every stone piece is casted using special molds obtained from selected natural stones- imitating every small detail! The production process entails the use of high quality raw components, high level skills, manufacturing experience and an artful eye. Resulting into a stone product having a distinct combination of texture, color and cut for every design.

And one more thing, Piedra Wall Cladding Stones are lightweight making its installation easy and affordable than natural stones.

"Piedra Wall Cladding Stones …………… better than natural stones."

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