Wall Cladding Stones
Piedra Cladding Stones

A new Piedra Cladding Stone design with 11 color  variations available.  Valley Ledgestone has an irregular-sized profile but installer friendly.  Its coverage is based on ½” mortar joints and varies on joint size, cutting or trimming preferences.


Thickness : 22mm to 47mm
Length : 150mm to 354mm
Width : 44mm to 150mm


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This design offers variation in stone thickness to capture light and shadow.  Canyon Edgestone comes in coordinated colors that compliment and blend with contemporary roofing and wall finishes.

Thickness : 36mm to 59mm
Length : 100mm to 390mm
Width : 28mm to 88mm


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Large scale stones molded into massive shapes suited for modified applications capturing stone pieces unique in ancient castles.  Designed for a grout-less appearance for its interlocking-cut design.

Thickness : 22mm to 45mm
Length : 145mm to 345mm
Width : 72mm to 196mm


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Captures a full-thickness brick with only ½” inch thick is easy to install and suitable for walls with minimum facing clearance.  Provides a stylish aged look on a simple and plain pattern.

Thickness : 14mm to 19mm
Length : 180mm to 190mm
Width : 59mm to 60mm


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Offers a thin layered stacked bricks.  When combined harmoniously with other finishes provides a simple and yet elegant design.  Its  profile allows flexibility in the design and ease installation.

Thickness : 20mm to 32mm
Length : 250mm to 252mm
Width : 37mm to 41mm


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Provides a powerful, rugged character no other material can duplicate.  These stone design have remained the handiest and most commonly used in residential and commercial applications.

Thickness : 29mm to 66mm
Length : 100mm to 310mm
Width : 180mm to 435mm


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